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Abstract Paintings

About Abstract Artist Pame' Sawyer-Smith

Pamé Sawyer-Smith is a self-taught abstract artist who was originally based in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, area and later made Georgia her home. She uses her God-given talents to create textured, mixed-media abstracts of fluid movement in vibrant and festive hues or delicately soft spectrums of pastels. Her one-of-a-kind works of art include paintings, hand-painted note cards, and paint by numbers kits. Pamé also teaches abstract art classes and workshops through her brand, Totally Abstract!

She was first inspired years ago by the works of North Carolina-based artist Olivia Gatewood. Over the years, Pamé has experimented with various types of mixed media and materials, coupled with acrylics and encaustics for texture and form. She has a consistent style that is easily recognizable and is suitable for residential and commercial settings.

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